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23rd Jun 2017

Top Gear team in trouble with police in Norway for smashing speed limit

'Significant speeding at over 200kmph'

Simon Lloyd

Top Gear appear to be in a spot of bother in Norway.

Sure, it’s not quite reached Clarkson-May-and-Hammond-in-Argentina levels yet, but still…

According to a report in Dagbladet, Top Gear were filming along the Scandinavian country’s Atlantic Road on Wednesday evening when one of their cars was recorded travelling at… wait for it… 244kmph (approximately 150mph). A second recording also captured them travelling between 170 and 180kmph.

It’s reported that the programme had been granted permission from the NPRA – Norway’s Public Roads Administration – to film on the road, with some stretches closed to other motorists while they did so. As well as this, they had also been allowed to exceed the speed limit in some areas. However, a new limit of 140kmph (87mph) had been put in place for them.

After seemingly failing to stick to the 140kmph limit, the NPRA alerted police and it’s being reported that the special permits used by the Top Gear team have since been revoked while police investigate the matter.

‘The speed measurements were made during a period from the 19 to the 22 of June 2017 and shows significant speeding at over 200kmph,’ said a statement from Møre og Romsdal police.

The two recordings were said to have been made near Eldhusøya and at the end of the Atlantic Tunnel.

A short statement on the matter has been released from Top Gear.  In it, they explain that they are cooperating fully with the police investigation and also make clear that neither Matt LeBlanc nor Chris Harris were in the area at the time of the alleged incident.

The full Top Gear statement can be read below:

“The local police in North West Norway have approached us about an alleged traffic infringement that occurred last Wednesday afternoon in the Atlantic Road Tunnel. As Top Gear was filming on sections of roads closed-off in that area on the same afternoon, we are fully cooperating with the police investigation into the matter. Neither Matt LeBlanc nor Chris Harris were with production, or in the area, at the time of this alleged infringement.”


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