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11th Sep 2016

Theo Walcott is nowhere to be found on FIFA 17’s top 20 fastest players list

But there are three players from the Premier League

Carl Anka

As many a FIFA veteran will tell you, the paciest players are often the most dangerous.

For years FIFA players have opted for the fastest players in the game for their multiplayer sessions.

While it’s all well and good putting together intricate passing moves, in the world of FIFA, there are few better ways to score than with a rapid counter attack.

This was especially true in FIFA 15, where many gamers using Borussia Dortmund online chose to start Aubameyang over Immobile upfront, despite the superior finishing skills of the Italian striker (we stress: in the game, at the time).

Circo Immobile

It was Immobile by name, Immobile by nature for this fella.

So when EA Sports released their list of the Top 20 Fastest Players in FIFA 17, our interest was piqued: with which players could we cause the most damage with in the new game?

Well one name who is surprisingly omitted from the list is one Theo Walcott. One of the cover stars from FIFA 10, and the fastest player in FIFA 16 doesn’t make the top 20 list this year. At all.

Inheriting Walcott’s number one spot? Borussia Dortmund striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who adds a 96 pace rating to his collection of frightening skills.

Aubameyang-FIFA 17

FUT players, you’re going to want this card.

The top 20 list does feature three Premier League stars, with Leicester City new boy Ahmed Musa (19th fastest – 93 pace), joining Raheem Sterling (15th fastest – 93 pace) and Hector Bellerin (4th fastest – 95 pace) on the list. 

Hector Bellerin-FIFA 171

Expect to see a few creative FIFA 17 player pair Bellerin up front with Giroud online for some rapid counter attacks.

Elsewhere, Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale (7th fastest – 94 pace) and Barcelona’s Jordi Alba (16th fastest – 93 pace) are joined by lesser known stars including Vancouver Whitecaps’ striker Kekuta Manneh and SpVgg Greuther Fürth’s Mathis Bolly. 

The full list, including Bayern Munich’s Kingsley Coman and Paris Saint Germain’s Lucas Moura can be found here.

FIFA 17 is released in the UK on September 29.

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