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22nd Dec 2017

And the Top 15 Songs of 2017 are…

Have you heard them all?

Will Lavin

So the lists continue.

Next up on the agenda is Top 15 Songs of 2017.

It’s been quite the year for new music and with that said it wasn’t easy to compile this list. There will be a few obvious songs you recognise and then there will be some less obvious ones. Also, while some of the artists listed would be expected to make the cut, it might not be with the songs you thought they’d be listed for.

French Montana (Feat. Swae Lee) – “Unforgettable”

What sort of self-respected end of year list would not include this song? Exactly. While probably the biggest summer anthem of 2017, there’s no question that it’s definitely the biggest song of French Montana’s career. But let’s be honest, who listens to it for French’s verse? All about Swae Lee’s writing, melody, and hook, “Unforgettable” might as well be his track. Oozing African influence from start to finish, the bounce embedded within the soundscape is addictive. If your feet don’t just start moving then you’re probably deaf.

Lana Del Rey – “Love”

“To be young and in love.” Textbook Lana Del Rey. The vintage-loving soulful siren returned this year with her fifth album and it contained this gem of a record. Powerful and moving, the cinematic backdrop slowly moves like the calming waves on a beach front under moonlight. Nostalgic in parts, Lana’s vocals champion self love and a love for others. Doing what she does best, it’s been great having her back this year.

Jaden Smith – “Icon”

Finally stepping out from his father’s shadow, “Icon” is Jaden Smith’s coming of age moment. You can hear the hunger in his voice as he finds his rhythm letting the world know that he’s ready. His passion is contagious. It’s like you’re witnessing someone on a campaign trail. He really makes you believe that he’s “just an icon living.” Add to this the simplistic yet effective accompanying video and you soon realise you’re witnessing the beginning of something special.


Sampha – “(No One Knows Me) Like The Piano”

Pain delivered through song is the bittersweet strand of creating art. On one hand it’s traumatic. On the other it’s therapeutic. Sampha’s “(No On Knows Me) Like The Piano” is the perfect definition of this. A dedication to his mother who passed away at the hands of cancer, he let’s his piano absorb his soul as he cries through song. An undeniable songwriting triumph, “(No On Knows Me) Like The Piano” is part reason why Sampha won this year’s Mercury Music Prize.

Logic (Feat. Alessia Cara & Khalid) – “1-800-273-8255”

No song this year is as important as this one. The sincerity in Logic’s delivery on “1-800-273-8255” bleeds through the track to the point that even a blind man can see it. A song about suicide awareness and assisting people suffering with mental health issues, it’s further proof that music is much more than just entertainment. Enlisting the help of Alessia Cara and Khalid, “1-800-273-8255” is groundbreaking. With its delicately produced instrumental providing a fitting backdrop for Logic and the team to spread their message, if this doesn’t win a Grammy next year then it’s a fix.

Calvin Harris (Feat. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry & Big Sean) – “Feels”

A fun and vibrant extension of Calvin Harris’ music, “Feels” introduced the world to the Scottish-born DJ’s new musical direction. Leaving behind the heavy synths and thumping basslines often associated with house music, Harris’s new project, Funk Wav Bounces Vol.1, provided a platform for him to show off his passion for black music and the soul contained within it. Leading the charge, “Feels” saw him recruit Pharrell, Big Sean and Katy Perry. The result? A number on smash that can get any party started.

N.E.R.D (Feat. Rihanna) – “Lemon”

An explosive reintroduction to N.E.R.D after being out of the public eye for seven years, “Lemon” is everything we hoped it would be. Everything from its snappy energy and elasticated drum kicks to the choreography in the video (starring Mette Towley) and Rihanna’s surprisingly stellar rap, “Lemon” is so typically N.E.R.D without trying too hard. The perfect first single for new album NO ONE EVER REALLY DIES, “Lemon” is also the best way to get yourself up in the morning.

Linkin Park – “One More Light”

“One More Light” is unfortunately a song that grew bigger than originally intended due to the death of the singer whose vocals steer it. Becoming more powerful and way more meaningful following the death of Chester Bennington, Linkin Park’s “One More Light” is a beautiful song even without the personal tragedy attached to it. Very much like Fast and Furious 7 will forever be a reminder of Paul Walker following his death, “One More Light” will have the same affect fans of Chester Bennington.

Jidenna – “Bambi”

While not as big commercially as his previous hit “Classic Man”, Jidenna’s “Bambi” is the better record by a mile. With a solid narrative that is easily identifiable thanks to its measured tempo and accompanying music video, it’s a modern day doo wop record that sounds like nothing else released this year. Realising he the one that got away is no longer within his grasp, there are plenty of men and women who can relate to this.

Ed Sheeran – “Barcelona”

Now here’s one that’s probably thrown you off. Bet you were expecting “Shape of You”, “Castle on the Hill” or “Galway Girl”, right? While they’re all contenders and obviously way bigger records than this one, there’s something very pure about “Barcelona” that reminds you of his early work. A lot of people like to throw shade at Ed Sheeran because in their eyes he’s conforming to today’s all to familiar pop sound – which truth told, is actually false, because today’s popular sound took its direction from Ed Sheeran. The stunning “Barcelona” will restore your faith, if you even lost it in the first place that is.

John Mayer – “You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me”

Want to talk about one of the most touching songs of the year? Enter: John Mayer’s “You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me”. Backed solely by an airy piano arrangement, a few lightly sprinkled strings, and the occasional bit of whistling, it’s a song about legacy. Confirming to a certain individual that they will continue to live forever in him, John channels his inner John Lennon on this one. If you ever see this performed live then try not to cry – it’s not easy.

Miguel (Feat. Travis Scott) – “Sky Walker”

One of the most satisfying things to come out of 2017 was the return of Miguel. Hitting a homer with “Sky Walker”, it’s exactly what the doctor ordered for the talented singer/songwriter. Modern enough that it fits in with today’s favoured sound, “Sky Walker” also contains a certain musicality and artistic craftsmanship that makes it attractive to the older fan. Hosting one of Travis Scott’s finest features of the past few years, Miguel’s likability also played a big part in the success of this song.

Sigrid – “Don’t Kill My Vibe”

Pop doesn’t get sharper than this. Sigrid’s voice, equal parts silk and grit, dances all over an emphatic chorus with the dexterity and raw power of a chainsaw-weilding ballerina. It’s catchy and it packs a punch, and if Sigrid isn’t crowned Queen of the Universe in 2018 then we are truly doomed.

Post Malone (Feat. 21 Savage) – “rockstar”

Giving him his first UK number one, Post Malone’s “rockstar” became the soundtrack to going out out for so many people this year. While not necessarily taking all of the lyrics literally, the atmosphere the song creates paints a picture of euphoric bliss. If the opening chords to this song start playing when you’re in a club then be prepared to take a trip, whether aided by drugs and alcohol, or not. Post Malone is continually proving he’s got staying power, let’s see how far he can take it.

Drake – “Passionfruit”

If you didn’t fall in love the second you heard the opening chords to “Passionfruit” then you’re not human. The mesmerising instrumental – courtesy of Nana Rogues – takes you to a whole other world. Quite possibly one of Drake’s greatest moments – and he has a lot – the loop alone without his vocals is enough to have it featured on this list. Struggling with long distance love, “Passionfruit” is yet another Drake record that is both relatable and entertaining. But this one is special. Expect to hear this at your local hookah spot at least 10 times a night.