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22nd Mar 2017

Tom Hardy is in Liverpool as Peaky Blinders starts filming its new season

Paul Moore

Alfie Solomons is back.

With production getting underway on Season 4 of Peaky Blinders, it appears that fans of the show have received confirmation of the news that Steven Knight teased a few months ago.

Tom Hardy has been spotted in Liverpool and it appears that he’s filming scenes for the upcoming episodes of Peaky Blinders, as seen by the costume that he was wearing.

Ever since audiences were introduced to Alfie Solomons in Season 2, the Jewish gangster became a firm favourite due to his wonderful mixture of violence and unpredictability.

The first scene where Alfie and Tommy are negotiating the Shelby plans to expand into London are mesmeric, but it appears that we’re going to see more of the most intelligent, calculating and intimidating gangster in Camden.

The baker is back.

Yep, people have lost their minds in a bid to find him.