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04th Nov 2017

Tom Hardy is in incredible shape as he trains for Venom

Paul Moore

His trainer said to expect “the darkest and most powerful villains that Marvel has ever created.”

During his impressive career, Tom Hardy has consistently shown that he’s an actor that takes his craft very seriously and for certain roles, the Londoner has undergone remarkable physical transformations.

In films like Bronson, Warrior, The Dark Knight Rises, and Legend, we’ve seen Hardy completely immerse himself in his characters and if you’re a superhero fan, you’re going to love what Hardy’s next film has to offer.

As reported previously, the star of Black Hawk Down and Peaky Blinders will be playing the role of Venom in the upcoming Spider-Man spin-off.

In case you don’t know, Venom is basically a parasitic alien that latches itself onto its host in order to survive. In return, it gives that host some seriously impressive strength and agility but it also has a tendency to make them go just a little bit crazy.

In the film, Hardy will be playing Eddie Brock, the first victim that falls prey to the Venom parasite in the comic books, and he will be directed by Ruben Fleischer – the filmmaker who previously directed the cult-classic Zombieland.

If you thought that Hardy wouldn’t approach the role of Eddie Brock with the same level of intensity that he did when playing Charles Bronson, Bane or the Kray twins then think again.

Given the fact that Venom is a very intimidating, violent and aggressive villain, the actor has been hitting the gym to bulk up.

Just like he did on Warrior, Hardy has been putting himself through various grueling MMA workouts by training with Pro MMA fighter Nathan Jones and Mark Mene.

During this video, Mene praised the fact that Hardy is very humble and down to earth while Jones added that “he’s a good guy, but more importantly, he’s a good student. He’s very receptive and open to learning.”

Mene said that the star of Dunkirk will “definitely live up to the character” of Venom while praising the actor’s ability to “go to that dark place, maybe more than once.”

If you weren’t excited enough already about Venom, the two trainers believe that “the world is going to see the darkest and most powerful super villain that Marvel have ever created.”

Take a look at Hardy as he prepares for the role.

Clip via – Tom_Hardy_ Italia

Here are some other glimpses of Hardy’s most recent workout sessions.

Venom is released in October 2018.