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22nd Dec 2016

Tom Hanks takes a selfie to help a fan win a bet

He's a HERO...

Rebecca Keane

The 60-year-old actor reached out to Zena Gopal to help her win a bet.

Tom Hanks is truly, one of the last legends living on this earth.

He’s an incredible actor but most importantly, he’s always up for a bit of craic.

We’ve seen examples of this in the past where he photobombed a couple’s wedding pictures and recreated a scene from Forrest Gump on The Graha, Norton Show.


The latest sound thing that Tom has done is respond to megafan Zena Gopal who lives in Toronto, Canada.

Zena and a group of friends made a bet with each other to see who could get a reply from a celebrity the quickest, with Zena selecting the Forrest Gump actor as her choice.

Sending a snapshot of herself for Tom to take a selfie with, Zena appealed to Tom to help her win against her friends.

According to CBC, Tom sent back the required photo and sent a letter saying:

“Sorry for the beard, but I have some shooting coming up and I must have whiskers…

“Toronto, huh? Damn fine town.

“Growing fast, all those condo towers down on the lake. Nice views, I guess. I have not been there since one of the Film Festival dates sometime back.”

“And, my headshot is not all that current, taken long ago and I’d come off vain sending along…

“This Polaroid has been developing as I have been typing. The thing is scary… Throw deep, always. Tom Hanks.”

Posting her picture from Tom on Imgur, Zena said she was delighted that Tom responded to – and even read her fan mail.