Tom Hanks and Ellen DeGeneres having a Pixar-off is every bit as good as it sounds 5 years ago

Tom Hanks and Ellen DeGeneres having a Pixar-off is every bit as good as it sounds

Tom Hanks has a filmography that some might call unrivalled, but to people of a certain age, he'll always be Woody first.

And it looks like the legendary American actor is still just as fond of the toy cowboy as the legions of Toy Story fans that grew up with him.


Hanks made an appearance on The Ellen Show, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres - who you'll recall played the forgetful fish Dory in Pixar's 2003 classic Finding Nemo before reprising the role in this year's long-awaited sequel, Finding Dory. 

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With two stalwarts of the iconic animation studio in the same room, the conversation quickly turned to how they go about entertaining fans.


For youngsters, there's probably something a bit jarring about hearing recognisable computer-generated characters' voices coming out of human mouths, so to ensure he doesn't kill the illusion, Hanks explained that he asks them to cover their eyes.


He then proceeds to ask the audience to do the same, before the pair launch into what can Hanks describes as a 'Pixar-off'. It's Woody meets Dory for a crossover you'd never get on screen.


Aside from being a brilliantly acted bit of improvisation, the Degeneres/Hanks Pixar mashup got us thinking about other characters from the studio's universe that we'd like to see meet one another.

Buzz and Wall-E would almost certainly hit it off. What about Monsters Inc's Mike Wazowski and Carl Fredricksen from Up?

See what you've started, Tom?

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