Tom Cruise took a nasty spill filming a stunt for Mission: Impossible 6 3 years ago

Tom Cruise took a nasty spill filming a stunt for Mission: Impossible 6

If Tom Cruise is known for one thing (apart from Scientology and the time he jumped on Oprah's sofa) it's his commitment to being Tom Cruise.

That is to say, if you're watching a Tom Cruise movie and you see Tom Cruise hanging off the side of an aeroplane or climbing a massive building, there's an excellent chance that you are actually watching the actual Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise does his own stunts. That's what Tom Cruise is all about, and it's part of what makes him one of the biggest movie stars in the world. Quite seriously, Cruise really cares about giving his audiences a good time at the movies and puts absolutely everything he can into making them.

Most of the time that produces a high-octane, white-knuckle thrill ride. Sometimes it producesย The Mummy, but that's just the nature of the movie business.

Cruise is currently in the middle of shooting the sixth Mission: Impossible movie, and was seen on video performing a stunt in which he jumps from building to building. Unfortunately, as the video shows, Cruises comes up a little short and bangs into the side of the building.

Cruise is seen getting up and walking away from the injury, suggesting that any injuries sustained were probably minor. Fans of Cruise took to social media to wish the star a speedy recovery.