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18th Dec 2015

Tim Roth reveals the real reason why he starred in FIFA film United Passions

Tom Victor

The FIFA film United Passions was one of those things we couldn’t get our heads around.

Many people were convinced it was little more than a propaganda piece for under-fire Sepp Blatter, and it was a box office flop to end all box office flops.

The one thing we couldn’t work out was why Tim Roth, a respected actor with films such as Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, had agreed to get involved.


Well now Roth has explained his decision in a Reddit Q&A, describing it as ‘the wrong film but for the right reasons.

‘I had two kids in college so I had to make a decision and it was probably poorly judged, but once you make that decision you have to follow through,’ the British actor explained.

‘It’s a hard road, being in something you don’t want to do, but I’m glad I did it for my family.’

We’d probably find it hard to turn down the amount of money he’s likely to have been offered, to be fair.