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09th Sep 2017

This terrifying clown has been spotted at a screening of IT

Just you and him, alone in an empty cinema screen...

Wil Jones

We’d hoped we were over the whole ‘scary clown’ thing.

Stephen King’s It is a stone cold horror classic. Whether you read the 1,200 brick of a novel, or watched the 1990 TV miniseries starring Tim Curry, Pennywise the Clown has remained particularly terrifying to 80s and 90s kids.

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a new big screen version of It out – and it’s definitely worth seeing. It’s a big-budget, violent, scary and surprisingly funny horror ride, and Bill Skarsgård makes an utterly petrifying Pennywise. The movie already looks like it’s going to be a massive hit as well – which means scary clowns are probably about to jump right back into the pop culture landscape and start scaring us again. Oh dear.

And it’s started already. Twitter user @HG_Hohbes went to see the film at his local cinema, and noticed he wasn’t alone in the screen….

Instead of fleeing like a normal person would, he took a few snaps as the clown wondered about.

He even had a chat with him.

Just him and the clown, chilling.

Don’t worry, he tweeted after the film, so we know he’s ok and now floating down a sewer somewhere.