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24th Dec 2016

This ridiculously close Christmas film vote is Brexit all over again

History repeating.

Tom Victor

Ah, late December. The time for end-of-year lists and reflecting on the biggest stories of the past 12 months.

It’s also a time for some more light-hearted enjoyments, like voting for the greatest Christmas film of all time.

But sometimes the two can unwittingly combine in the most tragically ironic way.

If someone asked you to name the biggest British news story of the year, it would probably be that 52:48 Brexit vote.

Now, some will say Richard Osman, who set up this year’s World Cup of Christmas Films, should have known better.

Osman is an intelligent man, so much so that he has managed to trick the British public into thinking that laptop he uses on BBC quiz show ‘Pointless’ is switched on all the time (spoiler: it’s not even plugged in).

So he should have known that a vote on a contentious subject – like whether or not Elf is better than The Muppet Christmas Carol – was always at risk of seeing an identical result.

But did he listen? Did he think about how he was in danger of reopening old wounds and splitting the British public down the middle yet again? Of course he didn’t.

52 to 48 again, across more than 40,000 votes. What are the odds?

And if that weren’t enough, the meeting of the two Christmas favourites at a critical stage of the World Cup has led to very vocal arguments from both sides.

Oh Richard, what have you done?