Recovering addict was a big hit on 'First Dates', but was rejected after revealing his past 6 years ago

Recovering addict was a big hit on 'First Dates', but was rejected after revealing his past

Every week, First Dates manages to produce some kind of TV gold, be it funny, cringeworthy, or poignant.

On Tuesday night's episode we met Danny Bennett, a model and Pleasure Boys entertainer originally from Birmingham, who was being set up with single mum Kate.


Ep 6

Danny, a 6'4" man-mountain who is almost completely covered in tattoos, made a big impression straight away.


Unusually for First Dates (or most first dates for that matter), Danny noticeably wasn't drinking, ordering rounds of pineapple juices as he and Kate chatted and flirted - and he complimented her boobs in as charming a way as possible.


Danny really seemed like Kate's stated type too, and the two had real chemistry. But then Kate asked why Danny wasn't drinking, and it slowly emerged that Danny was a recovering drug addict, having gone through a dark period in his early twenties.

Kate's response to the news was gracious, but you could sense that she had started to cool considerably towards the guy.


In her defence, Kate explained that as a mum, she had to prioritise her child's safety and emotional security, and, in the post-date interview, she kindly but firmly ruled out any further dates with Danny.

Viewers were hugely impressed with Danny's honesty:


And although he was a gentleman about Kate's decision...

...Danny did retweet this message afterwards...

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 10.33.25

Still, it seems like Danny won't be short on offers after this; maybe he'll even be invited back to try again?

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