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10th Jan 2019

Divided nation comes together to laugh at This Morning presenter Alison Hammond slipping down ski slope

Wayne Farry

this morning

Could this be what broken Britain needs to heal itself?

The United Kingdom is divided right now, perhaps more than ever before. Such is the level of bitterness and anger right now that it takes little more than a vegan sausage roll to send people into a red mist, making them feel obligated to stand up for the patriotic traditions of gristle, innards, tendons and ligaments covered in spice and wrapped in pastry.

Brexit is a mess. The government is in meltdown, fighting with its own parliament and the weather is miserable and cold, so all in all, things are pretty bleak.

It is at times like this that a nation needs reconciliation. During the summer, briefly, it was the World Cup. Millions of people who had spent the previous year or so bickering across the table at each other flinging words like ‘snowflake’ and ‘old racist’ were, for three short weeks, one nation celebrating a bunch of fellas and a lovely man in a waistcoat.

But that time is gone and Britain needs a hero. And quick.

Step forward, Alison Hammond of This Morning fame.

Hammond, a presenter on This Morning, was out on the Val-d’Isère ski resort of the French Alps during a broadcast of the show on Thursday.

With it being a ski resort, part of her broadcast understandably required her to ski down a piste. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know how to ski, she she decided to hop on the back of someone else’s skis and head down the hill.

What happened next was rather predictable, but it was also beautiful.

She fell, not once but twice, leaving hosts Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, and the collective British population, laughing as one, for a brief moment together.

Before we all return to hating each other it is worth looking back at another of Alison’s mishaps with the elements, from an episode in October last year. It involved a floating island, water and a male model. Enjoy, you leftie/right-wing/centrist scum.