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05th Aug 2015

This is what the stars of the Mighty Ducks look like now

How many do you recognise now?


If you’re not a fan of the Mighty Ducks, then you seriously need to re-evaluate your life choices…

It’s been 23 years since the release of the greatest movie never to win an Oscar, in our opinion, and a lot has changed in those 23 years.

There have been two sequels, neither of which were as good as the original (although D2 was very close).

But how have the actors fared, has time ravaged their young faces and did they have a career in acting following their breakthrough roles in the hugely popular film series?

Joshua Jackson aka Charlie Conway

Had roles in variety of projects but is probably best known for his time on Dawson’s Creek and is currently dating one of JOE’s biggest crushes, Diane Kruger.

Elden Henson aka Fulton Reed

The enforcer of the Ducks team and one of the much beloved Bash Brothers, Henson has had a smattering of roles thoughouqthis career.

Best known at the minute for his roles in The Hunger Games and as Foggy in the Netflix series Daredevil.

Shaun Weiss aka Goldberg

Weiss has really fallen off the grid and has had no other meaningful roles which is a crying shame because he was our favourite character in those great movies.

Emilio Estevez aka Gordon Bombay

Surprisingly did very little of note after the Mighty Ducks but probably thought nothing would ever top those movies so he didn’t bother even trying… completely understandable.

He’s since tried his hand at directing, with Bobby Kennedy biopic ‘Bobby’ among his better-known works.


Marguerite Moreau aka Connie Moreau and Garette Ratliff Henson aka Guy Germaine

She’s no lady, she’s a duck, and she has a huge number of movies and TV shows under her belt including Lost, The OC and Runaway Bride.

Henson is still acting, but hasn’t had as high-profile a film role since. We wonder, did he ever get the girl?

Matt Doherty aka Lester Averman

“They’re bigger, stronger, faster and they’ve got more facial hair”.

Averman had some of the best one liners in the movie and was without doubt one of our favourite characters. He’s had a a few appearances in CSI and had a small role in Argo.

Image via Facebook

Aaron Lohr aka Dean Portman

The main Bash Brother and one of the most entertaining characters in the show.

Like many of the other actors, The Mighty Ducks is the most famous thing on his CV.

Colombe Jacobsen-Derstine aka Julie ‘The Cat’ Gaffney

Our first movie crush…

She appeared in Men in Black but has been fairly subdued other than that with no other notable appearances.

We still love her though.

Vincent Larusso aka Adam Banks

Another who had so much promise as both an actor and hockey player but failed to really make the grade at either.

The years could have been kinder to a few of these but we have to admit, some of them still look pretty damn good.

We tilt our hats towards one of the greatest movies of modern times, and the stars who made it what it was…