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28th Apr 2018

This is what Hey Arnold actually looks like and it’s blowing everyone’s minds

This is not what anyone was expecting

Kyle Picknell

Why does he not have a grossly oversized head?

Everyone loved Hey Arnold!, the Nickelodeon cartoon about a boy with a gigantic oval-shaped head, which was then only accentuated by his brave decision to wear a tiny blue baseball cap exclusively.

In fact, hardly anybody in Hey Arnold! looked normal at all…

Sometimes it’s the hair, sometimes it’s the eyebrow, brow, or complete lack thereof. Sometimes, even, it’s the young child who only has a single tooth.

Look at Sid, the chap in the middle with the black jacket, and notice how his nose isn’t actually attached to his face. Arnold, with his trendy oversized tartan shirt and head like a calzone, hasn’t done all too badly in the grand scheme of things.

It’s fitting then that the man who voiced the football-head himself is one of those male-model Lumberjack/alternative-rock frontman/barista/tattoo artist looking blokes. You know the ones. The ones who centre their entire personality around the fact that they have a lot of hair growing out of their face and an anchor tattooed on their leg.

This is Lane Toran, and he is what absolutely nobody was expecting Arnold to look like:

Lane’s first ever voice-acting audition was Hey Arnold! and he went on to voice the character for 40 episodes, as well as appearing in Recess and the tv series for 101 Dalmations. Whilst he won’t be returning as Arnold in the second feature film (yes there was a film, yes there is going to be a second film) he will be voicing Wolfgang, the leader of the fifth-grade bullies.

Toran originally quit voice-acting when he was around 18 years old so he could focus on making music which, yeah, we could probably have guessed.


Hey Arnold!