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29th May 2016

This gif of Elijah Wood morphing into Daniel Radcliffe will blow your mind

They really *are* similar

Carl Anka

One was in Harry Potter. One was in Lord of the Rings. Occasionally people get the two confused.

Between the piercing blue eyes, lovely mop of dark hair and friendly smile, for years people have been getting the pair of Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe mixed up.

Frodo and Harry Potter certainly have a lot in common, what with them both being responsible for taking down evil wizards. That both of them have trinkets that can turn them invisible only increases the comparison, so it’s no wonder the actors that play them look so similar.

But this week, one intrepid Redditor showed up just how much the pair look alike and frankly, it’s doing our nut.

Check out this gif, it’ll stick with you for a few days.

Now we’re thinking about it, we’ve never seen the pair in the same room together…

Still, if we get Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe confused, spare a thought for the two actors who often find themselves having to correct fans when they are spotted in the street.

Or Daniel explained once in an episode of The Graham Norton Show, sometimes it’s best to just let a fan think you were in Lord of the Rings and go about your day.

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