This festive Louis Theroux jumper is here to save Christmas 10 months ago

This festive Louis Theroux jumper is here to save Christmas

He's a national treasure.

Louis Theroux has a unique place in the public's heart. He has the integrity, instincts, bravery, intelligence and inquisitive nature of a great investigative reporter, but somehow manages to combine all that with a disarming lack of ego and gentle charm. It allows him to get so much more out of his subjects than more in-for-face counterparts.

But how do we all express our devotion to the much loved documentary maker? By wearing his face on our torso of course.

If you love Louis, this is for you - all of your Christmas dreams are about to come Theroux (sorry).

You can now get a Christmas jumper with your dream man's face on it.

The jumper features subtle snowflake and reindeer-themed borders, the words 'all I want for Christmas is Theroux' and the pièce de résistance, Louis's face smiling gleefully from under a Santa hat.

The man himself even endorsed the jumper on his Twitter page this week and his followers promptly went nuts for it.


The person or brand behind the jumper isn't clear, though some are suggesting that this designer on RedBubble is responsible.