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21st Dec 2016

This bizarre Home Alone Elvis theory is doing the rounds this Christmas

A bit far fetched...

Rebecca Keane

Christmas is coming, which means you’ll almost certainly find yourselves watching Home Alone in the days ahead.

In the 26 years since the film was released (yes, it’s really been that long), people have raised a lot of issues with the film, to the point where it wouldn’t be the festive season without some form of far-fetched theory.

Sure enough, just in time for Christmas 2016, another has arrived which claims that none other than Elvis Presley – the very much dead King of Rock and Roll – made an appearance in the 1990 film.

home alone

According to Refinery29, this takes place during a scene in the airport where Kevin’s mother is begging with an airport employee over the counter.

In the background of the image below, behind actress Catherine O’Hara’s left shoulder, we can see a man with a beard and a turtleneck on. This, some believe, is Elvis.


Can you spot him?


As if his (vaguely similar) looks weren’t enough to convince you, this short video is also being put forward as a piece of evidence. Because after all, only Elvis Presley was capable of moving his head in such a way.

gifvia Noisey

We’ll be honest, we’re not exactly convinced by what we see.

Don’t let that influence you, however.

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