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09th Dec 2017

Things got a little bit awkward between Noel Gallagher and Jack Black on Graham Norton

Paul Moore

Our kid would love this.

We’re not exactly sure what Noel Gallagher is currently up to, but we’d like to imagine that he’s sitting next to Gary Neville and slagging off the Manchester United icon because as we now know, the High Flying Birds leader will be a pundit on Sky Sports for the Manchester derby.

Never short of an opinion, the former Oasis guitarist has been in jovial mood over the last few weeks and with good cause – his latest album, Who Built the Moon?, is his tenth consecutive Number 1 album in the UK charts.

Yep, he must be feeling supersonic right now and while some might say that he’s one of the most famous faces in the world, Jack Black might need to brush up on his knowledge of the Gallaghers.

Take a look as the star of School of Rock and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle accidentally mixes Noel up with his younger brother, Liam.

Being a consummate pro, the guitarist laughed the whole thing off and put it down as “a daily occurrence” before extending an olive branch (of sorts) to our kid.

As for Liam, the As You Were singer gave an interview to the Evening Standard in which he reflected on his busy year that has seen him release his debut solo album. When asked if there’s anything that he wants for Christmas, he said: I’ve got everything, man… No, I tell you what I want: I want Our Kid to come to his f***ing senses. It’s in him, innit? That’s what I want for Christmas. Maybe a couple of s*** reviews and poor album sales, he’ll soon come round, won’t he? Listen, I enjoy the banter. But I’m f***ing arsed about reforming Oasis. I’m quite happy doing this.He used to be funny but now he’s just… not bitter. Just a bit mean-spirited.”

Then again, the spirit of brotherly love was still prevalent: “Yeah, I love him, man. He’s my brother at the end of the day. He’s just a bit f***ing snobby. A bit pompous. A bit like that.”

Who knows, maybe a Christmas miracle is on the cards? We think not.