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29th Nov 2016

There’s going to be a big change to The X Factor this year

It's the end of an era.

Laura Holland

It’s the end of an era.

Every year after The X Factor has finished the winner gets to release a single. Back in the day, that was a massive part of the show with the camera ready in the CD factory to press the button on production when the winner was announced.

Usually, it was Andy Peter who did it. In recent years, however, they didn’t make as much of a fuss.


But this year they are making a massive change.

It is the first year that there will be no CD made. The winner will release a single but it will only be in a digital form.

This decision follows the flop of Louise Johnson’s single last year which only sold 30,000. She released a version of Bob Dylan’s Forever Young and it was the lowest sales the show has ever seen.

It’s a drastic change from 2005 when Shayne Ward sold 740,000 copies of That’s My Goal.