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30th Apr 2018

There’s going to be a major turn in Coronation Street’s male rape storyline

The scenes are expected to air in June

Jade Hayden

It’s been several weeks now since David Platt was drugged and raped by Josh on Coronation Street.

Since the assault, David has struggled with his mental health, started dating a 19-year-old in a desperate bid to assert his masculinity and has basically been a total wreck.

He also, for the most part, kept his attack to himself for fear of judgment from others  – and for fear of not being believed.

Now, however, it looks like there’s going to be a major turn in the Corrie storyline as new set pictures show David’s attacker Josh being taken away by the police.

He appears in a red hoodie as officers leads him towards their car.

It remains to be seen whether Josh actually gets into the car with them, or if he’ll even be charged with rape, but the images do suggest that something considerable is about to happen with regards to the case.

Corrie releases first look at David Platt sexual assault storyline

Still though, Josh being taken away by the police doesn’t necessarily mean justice for David, or nor does it mean an end to this particular story.

Even if Josh is sent to prison for what he did, David will still have to deal with the trauma of what happened for a long time.

Sam Thompson, the man whose experience the male rape storyline is partially based on, said recently that the story has helped other men to realise that they are not alone.

Thompson was split up from his friends in a Manchester club last year, when he ended up in a hotel room with two men who proceeded to drug him and take turns raping him.

He said:

“I remember how I felt in those first few months after being raped. Secluded, ashamed, frustrated and anxious.

“It shouldn’t and doesn’t have to be like that but sometimes, as men, we need reminding. That’s what Corrie has done.”

The scenes above are expected to air sometime in June.