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23rd Dec 2016

The World Cup of Christmas films needs your vote

Die Hard has emerged as our early favourite.


32 films, one winner. Go!

The World Cups that TV presenter Richard Osman conducts on Twitter are just like the football tournament that’s governed by FIFA – you know, just overlook the minor detail that Osman’s events have nothing to do with football and the fact that they’re not organised by corrupt bureaucrats – but yeah, he likes to create World Cups on Twitter.

Wotsits took on Pickled Onion Monster Munch in the final of the Crisp World Cup, and you can find out definitive rankings right here, but now it’s time to see if your favourite Christmas film has the honour of finishing runner-up to Die Hard.

Now, there is a fair bit of debate over whether John McClane’s adventures at Nakatomi Plaza can even be classified as a Christmas film, but it has been included in Osman’s vote and as a result we’re confident that the final vote below will only prove this point further.

The first round voting ends at 10am this morning, and the 16 winners will be drawn straight into the second round afterwards.

Die Hard was up against Charlie Brown’s ChristmasBatman Returns and The Polar Express in the first round, and had no trouble topping that particular group.

Here are all the options to choose from. Get voting!