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20th Nov 2015

There’s a big change coming for the official Euro 2016 video game

Kevin Beirne

If you’re hoping to guide your country to glory in France next year (or just simply guide your country to the tournament itself, Scotland) on the new official video game, then this will be of interest to you.

EA Sports no longer own the rights to Uefa Euro tournaments, which means they will not be making a new Euro 2016 game. Instead, the honour goes to Konami and their Pro Evo series.

While you might moan about having to switch back to Pro Evo after finally getting comfortable calling teams by their proper names on FIFA, this might convince you: Konami are making the new Euro 2016 game totally free to anyone who owns PES 2016.

Konami released a statement announcing that they will make the game free in order to make up for the difficulties players have faced on the new game, saying: ‘Konami is pleased to announce that it will look to reward those who have continued to support the franchise by offering its forthcoming UEFA EURO 2016 content for free to everyone who owns PES 2016.’