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28th Feb 2018

There are Louis Theroux-themed raves happening in nightclubs all over the UK very soon

Paul Moore

Know anyone that loves Louis Theroux and a night out?

Throughout his career, Louis Theroux has documented a variety of serious and extremely important subjects. All things considered, we think that the gifted broadcaster deserves a relaxing break. Hell, despite the fact that his recent mini-season, Dark States, covered a litany of important issues like drug addiction, gun crime and sex trafficking, there were still moments of humour and humanity throughout.

That’s what makes Theroux the best in the business.

This being said, if the broadcaster ever wants to cut loose and have a few drinks, we think he’d be welcome at any of the events that the Louis Theroux Appreciation Tour are planning. Throughout the UK, there’s going to be a series of events at various clubs and quite frankly, ‘We Gotta Get Theroux This!’

As the official posting states: “We have put together a club night dedicated to the man himself. There’s going to be wall to wall Theroux, exclusive Louis Theroux T-shirts available, visuals of our favourite Theroux clips and branded giveaways.”

At present, they’ll be spreading the Theroux love throughout the UK with events taking place at clubs in Leeds, Bath, London, Swansea, Manchester, Cambridge, Liverpool, Bristol, Southampton, Sheffield, Cardiff and Glasgow.

Ticket details can be found here and entry costs between £5.00, or £7.00 – it’s seven quid if you want an exclusive Theroux t-shirt.

After snapping up a ticket, all you need to worry about are those dance moves.

If you need some inspiration, let the great man show you how it’s done.

Clip via – Adam Buxton


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