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07th May 2021

The ultimate list of British politicians as Game of Thrones characters

With new photos dropping of the latest Game of Thrones spin-off, and British politics in chaos, it's the perfect time for the ultimate list of British politicians as Game of Thrones characters

Nadine Batchelor-Hunt

With new photos dropping of the latest Game of Thrones spin-off, and British politics descending into farce, it’s the perfect time for the ultimate list of politicians as characters from TV blockbuster

The Line of Duty season six finale was a massive disappointment, much like the conclusion to Game of Thrones.

Ten years on from the first season, with British politics riddled with sleaze and corruption allegations, it seems the perfect time to mix my political and nerdish interests to produce the ultimate list of Game of Thrones characters as politicians.

19. Podrick Payne: Ed Miliband

Podrick was one of those characters that, with hindsight, we wish we’d seen more of – just like Ed. A general allrounder, he’s now back in the shadow cabinet and can be spotted giving rousing speeches in parliament from time to time. And, like Pod, he has a way with the ladies – remember Mili-fandom?

18. The High Sparrow: Nick Clegg

The High Sparrow and Nick both have false prophet energy. Clegg had a group of loyal followers, and people thought he had the best of intentions, but then he jumped into bed with the Tories and backtracked on a lot of the promises he made. Like The High Sparrow, Nick went from being an exciting new leader offering a more ethical and fair politics to more of the same in a different shade suit.

17. Tyrion Lannister: Gordon Brown

Both never got the respect they so clearly deserved. There were some moments where they uncharacteristically lacked political aptitude – the 2010 election, the bizarre advice to Daenerys from season five on – but deep down they know what they’re talking about. They both got blamed for things they didn’t do, the 2008 financial crash or killing Joffrey, and it’s taken a while for them to clear their names. And without them in politics, you do sense it is poorer for it.

16. Renly Baratheon: David Cameron

Renly and Dave share an inflated sense of self which led to their demise. While they looked the part, neither were really capable of executing their roles gracefully.

15. Ned Stark: David Lammy

Strong-willed and staunchly sticking to certain principles, even if it makes them unpopular. They have a strong sense of justice, and speak truth to power. Capable of a good speech.

14. Ygritte: Angela Rayner

Confident, outspoken, and proud of their roots – Ygritte and Angela aren’t afraid to speak their minds. Should probably have been leaders. Angela still might.

13. Ramsay Bolton: Nigel Farage

Nigel and Ramsay both enjoy winding people up, causing political upset – and people have fallen foul of them because they underestimated what they’re capable of. Nigel Farage has never cut anyone’s penis off though, as far as we know…

12. Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish: Michael Gove

Littlefinger and Michael have a way with words, and consistently thirst for power – never quite managing to clinch it. They’re also both capable of switching sides if it’s politically convenient, making them unpredictable and formidable political opponents.

11. The Night King: Margaret Thatcher

No words needed.

10. Theon Greyjoy: Theresa May

Theresa and Theon have a similar grey vibe. They both sought power, got it and messed it up. After making it all the way to season eight, Theon found redemption – making a final stand against the Night King. Theresa is still on the road back.

9. Samwell Tarly: Matt Hancock

Like Sam, Matt seems stunned by the enormity of the responsibility facing him, regularly looking like he’s having an out of body experience. Both were out of their depth when it came to dealing with a serious and lethal threat sweeping across the land, be that a pandemic or the White Walkers, but somehow they managed to stumble through unscathed. We can’t quite believe it and neither can they.

8. Brienne of Tarth: Nicola Sturgeon

Just as Brienne is a better fighter than the majority of the men around her, Nicola is a more competent politician. Both have a strong sense of duty and aren’t afraid to be powerful.

7. Cersei Lannister: Tony Blair

The thing that bonds Cersei and Tony is their ability to cling to power and shrug off accusations of war crimes like its no big deal. They’re also both extremely well versed in the art of political rhetoric, which they relied on to get to the top.

6. Rob Stark: Jeremy Corbyn

Like Rob, Jeremy rode to battle with high hopes, astonishing naivety and an army of loyal followers behind him. In 2019 it quickly became a Red Wedding in the Red Wall – brutally ending his battle to become prime minister.

5. Jon Snow: Andy Burnham

The King in the North.

4. Sansa Stark: Rishi Sunak

Rishi as Sansa might seem like an unusual match at first sight, but the similarities are clear. Both think they can do better jobs than those in charge, both are politically astute, and both have been routinely underestimated. Just as Sansa became Queen in the North, it wouldn’t be too surprising if Rishi was installed in Number 10 Downing Street by the next election.

3. Bran Stark: Keir Starmer

The thing that bonds Bran and Keir is nobody truly knows what they believe; you often find yourself saying: “why is he doing that?”. They both can be vague, and it always feels like they’ve got a masterplan that you don’t know about, leaving the rest of us perplexed to the stage it gets annoying. Maybe Keir knows something we don’t, and, will end up king after all.

2. Daenerys Targaryen: AOC

Wildcard. AOC isn’t a British politician but she’s a queen, like Daenerys. Both have a strong sense of justice and are powerful leaders. And yes, I’m talking pre-Daenerys committing genocide and killing everyone in King’s Landing for absolutely no reason (I still don’t forgive the writers for ruining her).

1. Robert Baratheon: Boris Johnson

Came to power in the aftermath of civil wars – actual and political, neither want responsibility, both are philanderers, both rely on others to run the country, and both act like toddlers. Nobody quite understands how they manage to stay in the job.

Honourable mentions…

Arya Stark: Greta Thunberg

Yes, she’s not a British politician but her political impact is undeniable. Like Arya, she’s travelled all over the world meeting world leaders and, like Arya, she is far wiser than most of her elders.

Varys: Dominic Cummings

Both a bit bald. But there’s more to it than that. Varys is one of the most politically skilled people in the land and not somebody you want to make an enemy of, rather like Dom. He turned on Daenerys, just as Dom has turned on Boris. And where Varys sent out ravens to tell Westeros Danny wasn’t the true queen, Cummings sent out a blog post accusing his ex-boss of lying and incompetence. Their style is more than similar.