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31st Jul 2017

The trailer for the next Game of Thrones episode is absolutely stunning

Game of Thrones fans, take a deep breath. This looks amazing.

Paul Moore

Game of Thrones fans, take a deep breath. This looks amazing.

Now that we know Daenerys is losing to Cersei in her quest to reclaim the Iron Throne, we wonder if she’s going to embrace Olenna Tyrell’s advice and ‘be a dragon’ as she aims to strike back?

Well, it’s looking very likely that the Mother of Dragons is embracing her Targaryen lineage by delivering some fire and blood in the next episode.

In the latest trailer, Cersei may have secured the trust of the Iron Bank but Jaime Lannister is still looking to add to the Lannisters gold reserves by raiding some stocks in Highgarden.

Elsewhere, we’re getting some tantalising looks at action as it develops across Westeros.

Without spoiling too much, here’s the trailer for The Spoils of War but keep on reading because we have a frame-by-frame breakdown of the footage below.

The Iron Bank always gets its dues

It appears that things are going well between the Lannisters and the most important financial group in Braavos. Mmm, will it last though?

Desperate times

Dany is losing to Cersei and she needs Jon’s help. Will her decision to let the King in the North mine the dragon glass convince him to be her ally?

Gold wins wars

There’s Jaime and Bronn raiding a nearby convoy of gold. We’re assuming that this belongs to House Tyrell.

Littefinger is armed

That’s the Valyrian steel blade that Littlefinger has.

Theon’s return

He was pulled from the water but now Theon Greyjoy is returning to his Ironborn roots on the sea. We wonder if he’s in pursuit of Yara?

Targaryen’s with fire

In pursuit of dragon glass we think. Perhaps they’ve got a chance to ‘get to know’ each other?

Another Stark reunion?

That looks an awful lot like Arya overlooking Winterfell to us.

Headed to Casterly Rock?

Help is on the way for Grey Worm and the Unsullied. Then again, maybe they’re headed to Highgarden?