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03rd Jun 2019

The trailer for the new series of insanely addictive Netflix show Money Heist is here


This time it’s about family

Spanish crime show Money Heist, or to use its original title La casa de papel, quickly became a cult hit when it debuted with English subtitles on Netflix last year. While the streaming service often makes a big splash when it drops a blockbuster original show like Stranger Things or MindhunterMoney Heist arrived with little hype, but word of mouth quickly spread about how thrilling and addictive it was.

It had a simple premise. A mysterious man, who goes by the name of The Professor, is planning the biggest heist in history. In order to carry out the ambitious plan, he recruits a gang of eight people with certain abilities who have nothing to lose. The goal is to enter the Royal Mint of Spain and print 2.4 billion euros. In order to do this, they need eleven days of seclusion, during which they will have to deal with sixty-seven hostages and the elite forces of the police.

What really set it apart from other heist movies shows is the writing because every character feels like they’re fully formed and the show is excellent at the blurring the lines between who you want to root for.

At one moment, you might have a favourite character in mind but by the end of the episode, that’s completely flipped on its head.

Now, we have the trailer for part three of the show. If you’ve not watched the show before, and the above description has tempted you, be warned: the trailer will spoil what’s happened so far for you.

The trailer is accompanied by the tagline: “This time it’s not about money. This time it’s about family.”

Money Heist: Part 3 hits Netflix on July 17th.