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19th Nov 2015

The Royal Family and Harry Potter get the Danny Dyer treatment (Video)

Lia Nicholls

If you’ve ever had the Danny Dyer treatment on Twitter, poor you. As more often than not he wins.

The actor’s account has become stuff of legend, it’s mostly him rinsing anyone who dares to have a pop at him. And why not? He’s served his share of time as the point of ridicule.

Our favourite East Londoner was on the radio earlier saying how he’s ‘struggling with coming to terms with being middle-class’ because his wife buys ‘cinnamon-scented loo roll and not just at Christmas’. Lol. But scented toilet roll? Gross.

Dyer’s latest stunt is to use the Lipp voiceover app to create audio on clips featuring the Royal Family such as the Queen’s Christmas speech and Will and Kate’s wedding.

Here’s hoping he commentates this year’s speech. We’ll all actually watch it for once if so.

But he didn’t stop there, as Dyer took the chance to play around with some clips from the Harry Potter films.


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