The Rock says he cried 'very manly tears' after Joe Biden defeated Trump 11 months ago

The Rock says he cried 'very manly tears' after Joe Biden defeated Trump

The People's Champ also sent his congratulations to Kamala Harris and the United States in general

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson said he cried manly tears and was hugely emotional after Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in the US Presidential Election.


The actor and ex-WWE star shared a seven-minute long speech to his Instagram account in which he congratulated Biden, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris and the United States of America in general.

Back in September, The Rock officially endorsed the Biden-Harris campaign - so naturally, he was pleased to see the Democrat nominees win the election.

The Fast and Furious actor said he was proud to see his vote for decency and humanity reign supreme.

The Rock said: "I cried a tear or two... or 10. But they were all very manly. All my tears are manly."


"The reason I got emotional yesterday was because of what I felt my vote represented. My vote represented my little girls. It also represented humanity, decency, and the principles and values Lauren my wife and I instil in our little daughters. And finally, my vote represented the importance of just being a decent human being. And to me, being a decent human being matters."

The Rock was registered as an Independent for a long time, before declaring his support for Biden in September. (Photo: Getty)

Since endorsing Joe Biden, The Rock has copped considerable flack from his Trump-supporting opponents in the States. However, his speech called for unity and The Rock made a point of expressing support for those who held differing political views.

"We've all been there," he said.


"We've fought for things that we believe in with our hearts and our passion, and then we lose.

"I want you to know that I'm still here. I'm not turning my back on you just because we have a difference in opinion or voted for someone else. I'm going to make sure I continue to do everything that I possibly can do to make sure we're all working together as a unified front."