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04th Feb 2018

The ‘real’ reason Brendan Cole left Strictly Come Dancing has been revealed

This probably won't go down well...

Laura Holland

Shirley won’t be happy to hear this.

As we know, Brendan Cole confirmed during the week that he had been axed from Strictly Come Dancing. He appeared on the Lorraine show to break the news himself, saying that it was an ‘editorial decision’ to cut him from the show.

It came as quite a shock to some viewers as Brendan has been in the show since 2004 and has always been a favourite with fans at home.

Speaking to Lorraine, he said, “It’s quite hard to talk about, the BBC haven’t renewed my contract. They’ve made an editorial decision not to have me back on the show.”

He didn’t say much else, and neither did the BBC, but now there has been a suggestion about the ‘real’ reason he was axed and it’s down to Shirley Ballas being upset with him for rejecting her.


 Brendan apparently made the claim to friends after the news of his exit from the show was confirmed. He told them that she ‘tried it on’ with him years ago and has always held a grudge when he rejected her.

Meanwhile, an insider told The Sun:

“He was against Shirley from the start and kept slagging her off behind the scenes.

Brendan bragged that she tried it on with him as his teacher years ago. He claimed she once flirted with him. He said she had no idea what she was talking about and constantly questioned her judgement.

However, Shirley wasn’t doing anything of the kind. She was simply calling it as she saw it. She was entirely professional throughout.”

We wonder what Shirley has to say about this.