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29th Jul 2016

The original Pokemon theme tune singer went back to the studio and completely nailed it

He's still the very best

Carl Anka

Thanks to Pokemon Go the world is experiencing Pokefever once again.

It’s just like being in 1999 again. Thousands of people all walking around obsessed with Pocket Monsters, trading stories, having laughs and just generally being pals.

We’re big fans of Pokemon being back –  we’re watching the cartoon series on Netflix to get the full nostalgia experience and earlier this month sent handsome man Alex Finnis out for the entire day to play Pokemon Go around London.

Everyone is bringing Pokemon back. Including the singer behind the original theme song, Jason Paige.

Twenty years on from recording the iconic 90s tune, Paige returned to the studio to record a pitch perfect rendition of the Pokemon theme song.

Paige has been back in the news thanks the the emergence of Pokemon Go and seems to be taking everything in stride.

Talking to the New York Post, he explained how back in the 90s, he had no idea how big the Nintendo franchise would get.

“No one knew it would explode into this incredible craze,” Paige tells The Post. “I didn’t really know much about Pokémon when I did the demo, other than [that] a scene in the cartoon caused a giant bout of epileptic seizures in Japan. Then they showed the clip on the news, and it caused another bout of seizures.”

Spending his time between New York and Los Angeles, Paige now works as a performing artist, but still gets people approaching him from time to time in the street.

“One time, a girl, who was about 18, just screamed and fell on the ground when she met me, while her friend took pictures. The cosmic happiness of millions of people, whose childhoods were underscored by me telling them, ‘to be the best is the real reward!’ ”

Cheers Jason. Thanks for recording such a great tune.

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