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23rd Jul 2017

The new trailer for Thor: Ragnarok is even more epic/bananas than the first

Dear GOD this film is going to be magnificent

Rich Cooper

We’ve had a lot of Marvel movies, but Thor: Ragnarok looks like it’s going to be one of a kind.

You could say that the first trailer piqued our interest (in other words, it blew our brains out the back of our heads), so what could a new trailer possibly offer?

Well, it doesn’t just offer you a closer look at new villain Hela, some more shots of that tasty Hulk v Thor gladiator match and some seriously impressive battle scenes.

It doesn’t just offer them to you, it shoves them right in your face.

To be honest, there’s almost too much to talk about, but here’s our attempt at a summary.

*deep breath*

It’s a special effects bonanza crossed with a Renaissance painting crossed with Guardians of the Galaxy crossed with the 1980s crossed with JEFF MOTHERFUCKING GOLDBLUM crossed with a kick-ass action slamfest.

In short, we’ve no idea what Thor: Ragnarok is really going to be, but we want it now. October 27, be there.