The new Star Wars Rogue One trailer looks bloody brilliant 4 years ago

The new Star Wars Rogue One trailer looks bloody brilliant

After a decade with no new Star Wars films, it seems we're spoiled for choice now.

If the performance of The Force Awakens is anything to go by, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is going to be the biggest film of 2016.

While the coverage has been huge ahead of the first (of many) spin-offs in the re-invigorated Stars Wars universe, there's one mystery that needs more explanation. Who is Jyn Erso and what connection does her father (played by Mads Mikkelsen) have with the Empire and it's most destructive weapon, the Death Star?

We haven't been told too much about Rogue One besides the fact that it's about the brave fictional characters who risked their fictional lives to get the plans to the Death Star ahead of Luke Skywalker's arrival in Episode IV: A New Hope (aka the first film).

This brand new trailer offers us more information about the characters we will be watching next year than the last one but this being said, IT'S STILL BLOODY STAR WARS so you know there are going to be plenty of stormtroopers, battles, AT-AT's, and allusions to the mysterious power of the force.

And oh yeah, it includes some sneaky Darth Vader.

We'd be lying if we said we were only a little bit excited about the whole thing. Bring it on!