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13th Jun 2017

The new Mario game looks like it could be the best game of 2017

Wil Jones

You are definitely going to want a Nintendo Switch now.

Super Mario Bros. Super Mario World. Mario 64. Those are some of the greatest, most important games of all time. Plenty of recent Mario games have still been great – check out the Super Mario Galaxy games if you’ve never played them – but they haven’t had quite the same impact.

However, the proper Mario game is coming to the Nintendo Switch, and it looks like it could be up there with the series highest points. A load of new details from Super Mario Odyssey have been revealed in a trailer released this evening at E3, and we can’t wait to try them out.

The coolest new feature is that Mario can throw his trademark red hat at enemies, and then take control of them – so instead on just jumping on Gombas and Koopas, you can now play as them.

There is also a massive dinosaur.

Watch the whole trailer below – and dig that catchy song.