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28th Dec 2016

The latest person rumoured to be on Celebrity Big Brother is the last person we expected

We did not see this coming.

Laura Holland

We did not see this coming.

With the next series of Celebrity Big Brother just a week away we’re hearing about even more celebrities who are rumoured to enter. First there were the likes of Spencer and Heidi Pratt and Jedward and then Katie Hopkins and Perez Hilton were said to be joining them.

We weren’t too surprised by those names considering it’s supposed to be an “All Star” show welcoming back some of the biggest stars from all the series.

The latest person rumoured to enter, however, has really surprised us. Rylan Clark is apparently going to be heading in to the house.

Rylan hosts the spin-off show, Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit On The Side, which made him one of the more unlikely ex-housemates to re-enter the house.

Sources say that he will head back in to face Spencer and Heidi, who he clashed with in 2013 when they were all on the show. Rylan won that series and the Pratts were the runners up.

It’s suggested Rylan may only enter for a few days but either way it’s certainly going to be entertaining.