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29th Jun 2018

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 94

Can you get the full 25/25 this week?

Rich Cooper

Madame et monsieur, s’il vous plaît.

Please, step right this way. You have fine taste in quizzes, this is plain to see. You don’t want the rest of these… ‘quizzes’. They should be ashamed to even exist in the same universe as connoisseurs such as yourselves. Away, scum, away! Now this, this is a quiz worthy of your time. Allow me to illuminate you further.

Round One is ’00s Bangers, followed by Sport, followed in turn by Classic Adverts. The Picture Round is on Fonts, and finally it’s General Knowledge.

Well then. What do you say, monsieur? Madame? Shall we?


Pub Quiz