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15th Jun 2018

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 92

It's the World Cup special!

Rich Cooper

The World Cup, lads. It’s the bloody World Cup.

And as such, we’ve got a World Cup special for you. For the non-sports people here, don’t worry. It’s not exclusively football. There’s something for everyone, fun for all the family. Not the kids, they’ll never get a grip on this. Serves them right. Should have been born earlier.

Round One is Russia, what with them being the host nation and all, followed by Sport, which is ALL WORLD CUP FOOTBALL, BABY. Round Three is World Cup Years, a bit of a history round based on years in which a World Cup took place, followed by a National Landmarks Picture Round. No General Knowledge this week, just a good, old-fashioned Capital Cities round.

The whistle blows, and we’re off…