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19th Jan 2018

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 72

It's Friday. You know what time it is

Rich Cooper

Yeahhhhhhhhh buddy. It’s quiz time!

A collective pumping of fists thunders around the country. Kapow! For the JOE Friday Pub Quiz is here again. Let’s jump right into it, like a graceful diver, backflipping from the top board into a boiling hot pool of scalding quiz questions.

Round one this week is on The 20th Century, followed by that faithful hound of a round, Sport. Round three is Synonyms – find the word that is the equivalent of the given word. The Picture Round this week is Album Covers, and we’re finishing up with that great leveller of a round, General Knowledge.

Ready? Of course you are. You were born ready.

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