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23rd Nov 2018

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 116

Go on, have a quiz

Rich Cooper

Just a quick PSA before we get started with this week’s quiz

People who insist on standing at the bar after you’ve got your drinks: what’s going on there? What’s happening with that? Why are you the way that you are?

I didn’t think I’d have to spell this out, but apparently you need it. If you’re standing at the bar, other people cannot get to the bar. I cannot get to the bar. I want to get to the bar so I can buy a drink. You are literally standing between me and a drink.

You’re forcing me to say it: “Sorry folks, can I just get to the bar there?” If the look on your face is one of deep shame as you realise what a nutfuck you’ve been, you shall pass unscathed. You’re alright, Jack. Everyone makes mistakes.

But if you roll your eyes, if you let out a huff, if you so much as even think about tutting, I will do exactly nothing and wait patiently, because I’m English and that’s the way that goes. And so the earth keeps turning.