The internet responds to Pusha T's new Drake diss track and it's savage 1 year ago

The internet responds to Pusha T's new Drake diss track and it's savage

Things just got interesting

It's been the talk of the town this week and things just got even more heated between Drake and Pusha T following the former Clipse rapper's response to Aubrey's "Duppy Freestyle".

The beef between Drake and Pusha T has been going on for years. It started off as Pusha T vs. Lil Wayne and quickly escalated to Pusha T vs. Drake after a few subliminal shots turned into all out lyrical warfare after Pusha dropped "Exodus 23:1" in 2012.

On the record he said: "Contract all fucked / I guess that means you all fucked up," along with, "You signed to one n***a that signed to another n***a / That’s signed to three n***a, now that’s bad luck," referring to Drizzy being signed to Lil Wayne who is signed to Baby of Cash Money, who is known for not paying his artists.

After more bars were traded over the years, including Pusha's "H.G.T.V." in 2016 and Drake's "Two Birds, One Stone", taken from his More Life project, it was last week the beef was reignited between the two when Pusha previewed "Infrared", a song from his new album DAYTONA and questioned Drake's pen game once again.

Aubrey responded immediately with his "Duppy Freestyle", but late last night Pusha delivered another blow in the form of  "The Story of Adinon" where nothing seemed off limits.

Bypassing the ghostwriting accusations, Pusha went straight for the jugular of Drake, addressing the rumours that he had a baby with a porn star and banished her to France, calling out his producer 40 for having Multiple Sclerosis, telling Drake's father to stay off of Instagram, and digging up an old picture of Drake wearing blackface and using it for the song's artwork.

As you can imagine the internet went into a frenzy. Take a look at some of the best responses below while we wait for Drizzy to respond.