The internet loves Drake's dad-dancing in new 'Hotline Bling' video... 6 years ago

The internet loves Drake's dad-dancing in new 'Hotline Bling' video...

It is quite an achievement to rival the new Star Wars trailer for attention but Drake dancing in his new video has managed it.

The third and final trailer for the world's favourite sci-fi saga sent social media into meltdown - but then Drake's dad-dancing landed. Although that perhaps does dads a disservice.

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Fans were often puzzled about whether the geek of rap had moves in his locker. Questionable snippets have surfaced before, but his promo for his summer song 'Hotline Bing' has provided conclusive evidence.

And because we're transfixed on his slinky shapes revolving in pastel colours, it means his lyrics are completely overlooked: "You know I like you" and "Of course I've played with feet before".

Twitter reacted with a few questions...

Was he really listening to Frasier in his headphones? 

Perhaps he's a huge Elaine Benes fan?


Dance like that time when you were filmed at Uncle Larry's wedding, no one will notice...

Then it gets you Drizzy