The first reviews of the new 'Harry Potter' play are bloody ecstatic 5 years ago

The first reviews of the new 'Harry Potter' play are bloody ecstatic

It's the hottest ticket in London right now - and devoted fans last night became the first members of the public, anywhere in the world, to see Harry Potter And The Cursed Child on stage.

The show is now undergoing its previews (and will officially open on July 30) - and the first reviews are out of this (Muggle) world.


Producers shared this tantalising image of the set to whet appetites before the show began:


But it looks as though appetites were well and truly whet long before that image was released.


As for the audience's response, well, they were not disappointed.



There were reports of an owl going rogue - a first preview night kink that will be ironed out in time for when the show officially opens.


Writing in her five-star review in 'The Mirror', Clare Fitzsimons says: "J.K. Rowling has made sure the audience will be back for part two with a cliffhanger ending to the first part. And if the second is anywhere near as good as the first there can be no other verdict. The child may be cursed but this show most definitely isn’t."

Meanwhile, 'The New York Times' reported: "The three main characters remained true to their younger selves... The audience cannot be more thrilled or more appreciative or more ready to be caught up in the spirit of the undertaking."

The play's storyline of the play is by Harry Potter author J.K Rowling, John Tiffany and Jack Thorne. For her part,  Rowling has asked everyone who sees the show to avoid spilling spoilers...

...and she isn't afraid to call out those who don't play fair.

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child is at London's Palace Theatre. The preview of the second part of the show takes place tomorrow (June 9)

You can try to get your tickets here. Or your best bet is to follow Rowling's advice here: