The first Uncharted trailer has just dropped and fans are divided 1 month ago

The first Uncharted trailer has just dropped and fans are divided

"Fortune favours the bold."

The first trailer for the Uncharted movie starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg has dropped and looks like it's full of references and similar moments to the video game that it is based on.


The trailer shows a young Nathan Drake, played by Holland, as a bartender and his first encounter with Mark Wahlberg's Sully, sparking an adventure that the two embark on.

Fans also get a mention of Nathan's brother Sam, who players met in the fourth edition of the video game, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.

We also see Antonio Banderas' as the movie's main antagonist, a rival treasure hunter with plenty of resources and wealth at his disposition.

And there are even scenes that look like they are based on famous set-pieces from the hugely popular games, from a marooned pirate ship to a scene that seems to be a reference to Uncharted 3 when Drake is dragged behind a cargo plane.


The comments were full of excited fans, with one writing: "OMG! This looks EPIC! Can't wait."

Another said: "As someone that loves both Uncharted and Tom Holland, I can tell you right now that he was the perfect casting for young Nathan Drake! I'm so excited to see this film"

It does seem to be Holland's casting as the franchise's main character causing the most discussion online, with some questioning whether he is too young to be playing the role.

One fan wrote: "Hoping for the best but his Nathan drake doesn't feel right."

A second said: "I am sorry. I love Tom Holland but I feel he's miscast here because he looks too young to play the character."


But a third commented: "I'm sold on the casting now. I think this could be really good."

Fans will have to wait a few months more before getting the answers to their questions and concerns though, with the Uncharted movie set to hit cinemas on February 18.

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