The first trailer for season three of Stranger Things is finally here 2 years ago

The first trailer for season three of Stranger Things is finally here

'In the summer of 1985, the adventure continues.'

The first trailer for the highly anticipated third season of Stranger Things is here - and honestly, July needs to get here quicker.


The new footage comes a little less than 24 hours after the official Stranger Things twitter released a mini teaser.

The trailer (which you can watch below) appears to hint there is a similar Demogorgon-style nightmare that is going to terrorise the kids from Hawkins, Indiana.

Other than that, though, not too much has been revealed about what fans can expect.


Netflix have also released a number of first look images, which have really just made us more excited for the new season.

Season three will officially land on Netflix on July 4, almost two years after the second season's October 2017 release.

Although the new season won't be landing onto Netflix for a solid few months yet, a lot of information about the upcoming series has been released to get us hyped to bits about what's about to go down.


No, there's no exact plot details available just yet - although there is a an episode title list so, you know, lots to get excited about.

Here are the names of the eight episodes in season three:

  1. “Suzie, Do You Copy?”
  2. “The Mall Rats”
  3. “The Case of the Missing Life Guard”
  4. “The Sauna Test”
  5. “The Source”
  6. “The Birthday”
  7. “The Bite”
  8. “The Battle of Starcourt”

Got any idea what could possibly be going down in any of these episodes?