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25th Jun 2017

The dad from My Parents Are Aliens was caught raving at Glastonbury

One for the 00s kids.

Wil Jones

The thing about Glastonbury is that it attracts people from all sorts of tribes: celeb posers, crusty hippies, teenage ravers – and star of classic 00s kids show My Parents Are Aliens.

If in case you don’t fit perfectly into the Millennial age bracket, My Parents Are Aliens ran on CITV for eight series, from 1999 to 2006. Actor Tony Gardner starred as Brian Johnson, the alien dad suggested by the show’s title. You might also recognise him from appearances in other shows like Fresh Meat, Lead Balloon and The Thick of It.

However, on the Thursday night, some friends were dancing, and noticed Gardner dancing near them. The photo quickly went viral.

It turns out he’s a Glasto regular.

Hope you had a banging festival, Brian.