The Chase might have asked its stupidest ever question last night 4 years ago

The Chase might have asked its stupidest ever question last night

These answers.

So, it probably doesn't need stating but I'm going to go ahead and say it anyway: everyone loves The Chase, don't they?


Like, I'm talking about the entire spectrum of humanity here, it's the type of programme that closes divides. Pensioners and teenagers, Brexiters and Remainers, Tories and people who actually feel compassion - they might have polar opposite experiences and world views but put any of them down in front of Bradley Walsh for half-an-hour and they'll all be shouting at the screen come the programme's finale. They could settle wars with that shit.

With that said, though, it does occasionally throw up the odd WTF moment. I mean, obviously there's the classic Fanny Chmelar clip, which never gets old. But there was also this last week which was another level of #banter:


So, given it's track record, it's hardly surprising that last night's episode of the show had people on Twitter talking again. This time because of a question with answers so preposterous that it makes you wonder what the people behind the scenes were smoking when they came up with it.

Just a bit of background here, Stern John is a Trinidadian footballer who is currently player-coach of Central F.C. in the TT Pro League. Before that the forward had spells at Bristol City, Nottingham Forest, Birmingham City, Sunderland, Southampton, Crystal Palace, Coventry City and Derby County. A bit of a journey man.

And, last night he was chosen as the subject of a Chase question.


I get what they were going for with it. But at the same time WHAT?!

Twitter's response was pretty much the same:


My guess is that someone who comes up with the question is a Birmingham fan.