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17th Dec 2017

The bizarre reason Toff has to hand over a LOT of money to ITV

We'd be raging

Anna O'Rourke

She may be queen of the jungle but that doesn’t mean she’s the boss.

Toff was named winner of this year’s I’m A Celebrity this day last week, an achievement that’ll no doubt be very valuable to her over the next few months.

It’s thought that she could earn up to a million pounds off the back of her victory through appearances and brand deals.

“She’s got a very bright future in front of her,” PR expert Mark Borowski told the Sun.

“She won’t be an immediate millionaire but she’s on the road to make a million.”

There is a catch though – it’s reported that Toff won’t be able to keep all of the earnings her new popularity brings her way.

A contract clause means ITV is entitled to up to a third of what she earns in the first month and a half after leaving the jungle, reports MailOnline.

“The earnings clause, which is in force for 45 days following the end of the show, applies to public appearances, contracts and endorsements,” a source said.

It’s unlikely she’ll be able to hide any of her cash either. Under the contract, ITV can reportedly look over her books to see exactly what’s coming in.

She could end up parting with quit a bit of money to fulfil her obligations – if she does manage to rake it in as expected, she might have to hand over a few hundred thousand pounds.

Factor in that she only got a £13,000 fee to take part in I’m A Celeb in the first place and the whole thing seems pretty unfair.


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