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24th Aug 2016

People had way too much fun with the first episode of ‘The Great British Bake Off’

The best, funniest reaction to episode one.

Declan Cashin

On your marks, get set, BAAAAAAKE!

The new series of The Great British Bake Off started tonight, and its millions of fans were in instant heaven.

Sure enough, people were having a LOT of fun getting to meet the contestants, spotting innuendo, and just generally having the time of their life.

Here’s the best reaction from episode one.

Let’s make it extra interesting, shall we?

It didn’t take long for the innuendo to start:

So. Much. Innuendo.


There was a lot of lusting after Paul Hollywood:

And an amazing new workout routine:

As well as kitchen equipment envy:

We have a new GBBO superhero:

And a celeb doppleganger:

Mel and Sue continued their wonderful mangling of the English language:

Contestant Val emerged as an early audience favourite:

Though watch out for Selasi:

We also got some major sass:

Mary Berry reacted to the idea of a gin and tonic cake the way any of us would:

Though she was horrified by Paul’s treatment of a Jaffa Cake:

The more important question, however:

Be they biscuit or cake, the audience were not impressed by the contestants’ efforts:

The showstoppers’ challenge also had a few duds:

Things got tense and emotional:

GBBO is just the gift that keeps on giving in all areas of life:

We got a new favourite phrase:

In the end, contestant Jane was Star Baker:

…while Lee got the chop:

Overall, fans are pleased:

And remember, the ultimate point of GBBO:

(That, and the innuendo)

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