The best moment of Avengers: Infinity War was completely improvised 2 years ago

The best moment of Avengers: Infinity War was completely improvised

Spoilers, duh.

You might have noticed there’s a big superhero movie at at the moment. Something that has “Avengers” and “War” and maybe “Infinity” in the title.

And you’ve either already seen it five times, or desperately avoiding spoilers. And since you clicked on this link, it’s almost definitely the former. So yeah, final spoiler warning.

As well as the amazing box office and the great reviews, the other thing Infinity War has brought us is memes. And one big meme in particular, mimicking the film’s shocking finale, where Thanos finally decimates half the universe’s population. Just before the credits role, Peter Parker heartbreakingly tells Tony Stark “I don’t feel so good….”, before disintegrating into dust.

That scene is utterly soul crushing moment is arguably the best line in the whole script (though “Why is Gamora?” might edge it) – only it wasn’t in the script. It was improvised by Tom Holland, the young British actor that plays Spider-Man.

A Redditor posted about a Q and A co-director Joe Russo did, where they confirmed that “Tom Holland improv[ed] his death scene”.

That’s pretty incredible. Even though the film has been out for less than a week, the scene has already become iconic.

Tom Holland first played Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Captain America: Civil War, where Tony Stark recruited him to fight alongside his team of law-abiding heroes, against Captain America’s band of fugitives. He then took centre stage in the underrated Spider-Man: Homecoming last year, and it also set to star in that film’s sequel (if he re-materialises again). He’s also rumoured to be making a cameo in the Tom Hardy starring Venom movie later this year – though that remains to be confirmed.

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