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05th Nov 2015

The 16 best quotes from Adele’s brilliantly candid, sweary interview

Lia Nicholls

It’s extremely rare to get an interview in which you can pluck more than five decent quotes.

We haven’t really heard or seen Adele since her last album, 21 in 2011, which sold a monstrous 31 million copies worldwide.

Okay, so she has four years worth of opinions to catch up on, but still, her latest interview with Rolling Stone magazine is one of the most refreshingly honest and real interviews from an artist in a long time.

The Tottenham-born superstar discussed everything from fame to food to feminism, and here are the best lines;

On the title of her new album, 25

‘I’m going to get so much f**king grief: ‘Why is it called 25 when you’re not 25?’

Frank Ocean, helloooo

‘I’m just f**king waiting for Frank f**king Ocean to come out with his album, it’s taking so f**king long.’

Keeping it real

‘My career’s not my life,” she says. “It’s my hobby.’


‘People think I hate being famous. And I don’t. I’m really frightened of it. I think it’s really toxic, and I think it’s really easy to be dragged into it.’

Amy Winehouse

 ‘Watching Amy deteriorate is one of the reasons I’m a bit frightened. We were all very  entertained by her being a mess.’


‘I always feel like I’m gonna get thrown out. Or it’s going to turn out to be some, like, hidden-camera show. Like someone’s gonna send me back to Tottenham.’


‘I absolutely loved it, but it’s not that fucking cool when I’m dying from a smoking-related illness and my kid is, like, devastated.’


‘I’m not, like, skipping to the f**king gym. I don’t enjoy it. I do like doing weights. I don’t like looking in the mirror. Blood vessels burst on my face really easily.’


‘But maybe Rihanna can be in my squad! That would be really cool. Oh, God. She’s life itself, isn’t she?’

Personal space

‘I’m a mom and I’m in a very serious relationship, so it’s never going to be just me again.’

Son, Angelo

‘All the things I really like about myself, he brings out in me, and he’s the only person that tells me no.’

Working with Damon Albarn

‘It ended up being one of those ‘don’t meet your idol’ moments. And the saddest thing was that I was such a big Blur fan growing up.’


‘It’s my cheat day. Let’s go mad! I’m going in! Going HAM — hard as a motherf**ker!’

Nude photoshoots/Playboy

‘Would I show my body off if I was thinner? Probably not, because my body is mine.’


‘Will you ask me if I’m a feminist? I don’t think many men in interviews get asked if they’re feminist. I believe that everyone should be treated the same, including race and sexuality.’


‘It’s like when I go and see certain bands — not to name any — and they don’t play their f**king biggest hit? C**ts! That really annoys me.’